Galerie Ondine


Welcome to my renewed website Galerie Ondine. Named after Ondine, mythological Germanic goddess of the waves. Cousin of the Greek Naïades, goddesses of brooks and streams, daughters of Zeus.

This simple iWeb gallery was created as a friendly platform for the sharing and possible exchanging of prints and other collectable art.  Accessible, presentable for selling, trading and negotiation. The preferred way: by swapping. 

To narrow down to my main focus of interest: color-woodblock prints (Farholzschnitt)  created by German Women Printmakers born 1850-1900 and pioneering with this new medium roughly between 1910-1940.

Email me for any details concerning, size, price, edition and condition. Most of the items presented are “used” and “pre-owned”. Conditions may vary between “very good” to “saved from the bin”: I’m a collector not a print dealer. Most prints presented are stored with new acid-free backing boards and fresh matts (passe-partouts) and protected in thermo-shrinking foil.    

Visit my humble Blog “the Linosaurus” started in 2008, all about wood- and lino-block printmaking: and all other things worth sharing. It has been visited by over half a million readers.

Visit the “New in Shop” pages when you revisit for recent updates and newly added and uploaded prints.